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Ezra Pound
No urban night is like the night there.
Squares after squares of flame,
Set up and cut into the aether.
Coleman Dowell:
The moon's light was given back to her
In thousands of fragments of metal,
Glass, silence of long cistern-like echoes.
This was like a melancholic ecstasy
Like the end of love.
'Whatever you take into
The point of surveillance
You must take out.'
A powerful argument
For the immortality of the human soul.
Algol in Perseus
Known to the ancients as the DEMON STAR
Because, being a regularly eclipsed binary,
It appeared as a diabolically winking eye.
It lies in the head
Of the mythological Gorgon.
Arise and go into the city
And it shall be told thee
What thou must do
Up through the scrubby trees and into the sky
Echoing lungs of the station in the rain
Mad trains and mad voices
Scale gone mad
They drink the wine of the condemned
In the house of their god
Patience, I will send a fire into the house.