Npower Cosy

Npower came to the agency with a challenge to dramatically increase the number of customers paying their bills online – and the stuff here successfully helped them to achieve just that.

A dedicated web-presence supported by a mixture of pre-existing and specifically-developed content, clever direct mail with multiple variables predicated on propensity modeling that led to an understanding of who would respond to emotional cues and who to rational ones PLUS dynamic emails that directed their reader to useful on-line tools. I’d probably need to talk you through it all but, rest assured, it was bloody hardworking and it bloody worked.


The Npower Autumn CRM campaign delivered useful energy saving tips to customers while incentivising online account activation.


The campaign started with a DM pack. The light-bulb lettering was carried throughout for visual consistency.


The letter carried customer offers, dynamically generated by customer profile plus a £20,000 home makeover prize.


Different modules were designed to make the campaign truly dynamic with 72 different variants.


The leaflet offered hints and tips organized by typical rooms in the house.


The look and feel translated neatly into email. The middle panel was an animated GIF, showcasing each room in the house.

Slide08 Slide09 Slide10 Slide11

The landing page for all comms had two carousels –one featuring each room in the house, the other displaying energy saving content.


The first of three follow-ups was ‘Self Serve’, showing prizes you could win by signing up online - here’s the one piece mailer.

Slide14 Slide15

The email version also used an animated gif to draw the eye and highlight the prizes.

Slide16 Slide17 Slide18

All comms at this stage drove customers to a prize-and-product-focused landing page.


For those not enticed by prizes, we produced a reminder email using a live, real-time countdown to create urgency before the deadline.


The 2nd strand of comms was this ‘Energy Savers Club’ email: ‘Christmas dinner, how to make it tastier and save energy’.


This took you to a ‘Turkey Timer’ – a calculator which works out how long you should cook your turkey for, based on its weight.

Slide22 Slide23

The final follow up was this second, ‘Post Xmas Energy Saving Club’ email – ‘save energy: switch appliances off don’t use standby’.


The landing page invited customers to click on all the appliances they leave on standby...


...then calculated their potential saving.


They could even generate a dynamic PDF to demonstrate what they could save to other family members!