Spooner Smart Phone 5374

Shiny time

Glowing in the drawer.
This cannot be restored.
A progressively lacklustre pearl,
Like the first human song.
Not him with his hard eyes
That grow soft for the game.
Exacting punishment from one
Who carries the shield of her own body.
And in one land
They have conditions of the imagination
A smile which transcends
The flower of their souls
Description of scenes
Of the greatest influence in the area
Such as orgies and cruelties
Take ease in the thought
That it is the dustiest flaw in the chalice
That gives you death to drink
Oh tender time!
That same time when this was madness!
The time of Oriental and Venetian luxury
The Romantic character of this time
Of brief durationSome day at some time some other girl
The prophetic and visionary nature
Of this mode of artistic creation
The sharp, iron blade of time
Towards the end an empire falls
The moon is born
The circle of silence
Eyelids that hide a jewel
Photographs burning
A schoolgirl's turn of phrase
They were dark and they killed their host
Books burning
And hands that contain all other expressions
Crying for my mother
Screaming as the last film transposes
Enhancing her beauty
He has turned himself into iron
With time
A white rose rests on the surface.