He has penetrated to that matrix in life

In which all men are embedded

Here are the customs men

Only he does not call it chance

(4.) Metal of any kind, even though it may be corroded

No medical explanation

Had the people been hostile to him

So long as death was far off

I woke up clutching the hammer


He’d used it to fix the headboard

The previous day. Executioner.

A short while later this savagery took place

To bring heaven nearer

I just clicked and stammered in this headdress

The haughty insolence of their masters

(3046.) Voice production – Elem

I threw up my eyes to heaven’s immortal throne

He awoke to find he was attacking his wife

Ice cold water

A fortunate few in a state of grace

With a hammer

The patient’s name has not been released

"Look at the pillows! Look at them!"

A fictitious armed man, a hoaxer

Sending messages he knew to be false

For the purpose of causing needless anxiety

(94.) If a man devised an axe

Water from the misting sprinklers

The linking trench dug

The truth about shaken babies

(95.) By wireless we could announce to the whole world

Her love of her own voice turned the Russian people against her

"I will never leave my country"

An autocrat dreaming of regaining her palace

She leaned in closer and closer

The drinking water was infected

The territories were diamond-rich

(B.) The silent resting-place of the dead of eight centuries